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Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?
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Author:  MIG Wielder [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Do you have any experience of the Nissan Qashqai as a run-about please ? 2008 / 9/ 10 vintage with the CVT auto transmission ? I hear the engines are unbeatable, rust is not a problem but real-life emissions for a diesel are high, so I read.
( I've already discovered you have to spell Qashqai correctly to get results )

Author:  dollyman [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Hi Tony, Like you say the engines are bullet proof, but the dpf's cause problems if used around town all the time. They like a good thrashing now and again :D
I need an auto and tried the cashkey :wink: but did not like it because it did not "creep" like most auto's, so parking in tight spaces is very iffy to say the least.
I ended up with a nissan note n-tec auto and cant fault it. Even being petrol, still returns 48mpg around town. and loads of toy's inc sat-nav.


Author:  Carledo [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Personally, I wouldn't trust the CVT as far as I could throw it (the one in the Micra is horribly short lived) All the people I know who have had Cashcows have ditched them quickly, citing reliability (not engine but everything else) poor ride and boredom as the main problems. A lot of them seem to spend a lot of time in the dealers having minor faults fixed, not what one would expect from Nissan.


PS, a mate recently rented a Vauxhall Mokka diesel whilst I was fixing the turbo on his Vivaro camper and was favourably impressed (almost stunned!) might be worth a look, though I don't know much else about them!

Author:  tony g [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Modern Nissan is just Renault. Use Renault opinion to buy Nissan.


Author:  mbellinger [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Excellent all round family vehicles. Not for nothing did they become such a big seller that cars like the Primera, Laguna and frankly Vectra all got killed off.

Practical, quite roomy for their footprint, and with a commanding driving position they are an attractive choice. Control weights are typically Nissan - light and they are very easy to place on the road. Reliability is generally good - there have been some minor electrical issues inherited from Renault, but this affects things like interior lights and some sensors. All are pretty easily overcome.

One of the few cars of this type that actually works better as a petrol than a diesel - especially as an auto. The diesels are old Renault engines and whilst tough, they are not particularly frugal and are very "dirty".

I would go for a petrol and try and get a facelift car as they were better screwed together.

Author:  MIG Wielder [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

Thank you very much for all your most interesting comments everyone. That is making us re-think our strategy a bit.
Cheers All,

Author:  SprintMWU773V [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

I'm not a fan of SUV's/Soft roaders at all but if I really had to buy one I'd probably buy a Toyota or a Mazda

Author:  Karlos [ Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nissan Qashqai as a family run-about ?

A bit off topic.
I had many issues with a diesel Mazda6 not an SUV I know but it was a mare. Went to a Mazda6 as the MX5 was bullet proof. The Mazda6 diesel had a high oil level indicator! Apparently fuel escapes into the sump and then dilutes the oil; as well as it being over full this lead to catastrophic failure. Had to check for over full and dump the diluted oil and refill every 3 months. DPF issues too,it could not handle school runs. Not at all.

Park facing uphill it chucked black smoke on start up for 20sec, parked facing down hill it spewed white smoke for 1 minute.

I have a Volvo xc60 D5 now which is like a rock in comparison.

Admittedly the Volvo was 4 or 5 years newer than the Mazda6 but is getting on for 9 years old itself and is wearing very very well and it does school runs too no problem with clogging DPF at all.

Thats is my experience of the 2 diesel vehicles I have owned.

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