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PostPosted:Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:23 am 
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I have removed the second of the 2 rear tie bars, and have seen that the rubber in this one isn't as I expected so I wanted to ask/get opinions please....

The bush, as you can see from the first picture, does not protrude from the right hand side of the bar as I understood it should. The tie bar from the other side that I removed had an element of the the bush protruding from both sides and as it was in very good condition I did not renew it. Tie bar went back in fine.

So is this one correct? Seems to me that it hasn't been pushed through and located correctly, and therefore just needs moving slightly? Or is it worn on one side for some strange reason and needs replacing?

The bush looks fine as the other pictures show and has no play or obvious signs of wear so can I just entice it in a little further such that there is an element of the bush protruding from either side?

Or have I got this wrong and the protruding element doesn't in fact matter?


Tie Bar 1.jpg
Tie Bar 1.jpg [27.99KiB |Viewed 190 times ]
Tie Bar 2.jpg
Tie Bar 2.jpg [32.2KiB |Viewed 190 times ]
Tie Bar 3.jpg
Tie Bar 3.jpg [50.2KiB |Viewed 190 times ]
PostPosted:Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:54 pm 
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It's not correct.

It's a Metalastik, the brand used by Triumph, so not a modern reproduction - it's presumably been on the car for several decades.

It looks like it's totally knackered and worn away. I am pretty sure that it is important, because otherwise the tie bar will be able to move all over the place.


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PostPosted:Tue Apr 13, 2021 4:48 pm 
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Hi James, That definitely looks wrong.
First question is... What are the bushes on the other end of the rod like. My guess is that they will also be worn, or the axle bracket will be rusting through .

It looks like the bush in the photo has been wearing off-centre and forced over one way. I suppose the car originally drove O.K. ?
There again it could be the chassis end brackets that are not on square maybe because of a heavy bump on that corner.

Is the rod itself straight with no damage to either end ?

I would be inclined to replace all the bushes on both ends of both rods when the root cause has been found.



PostPosted:Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:55 am 
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If you replace the bushes at both ends of the tie bars (Radius rods) a point to consider. I will be interested to read other owners views.

I have read a number of times that if you replace the suspension (trailing) arm bushes it is best to fit a rubber bush at one end as if you fit poly at both ends you get a lot of noise from the rear axle transmitted to the body. I just wonder if you replace the bushes in the tie bars should you also fit rubber at one end to ensure to do not get noise from the rear axle transmitted to the car body?

I have only ever replaced the rear end bushes of the tie bars. I will add the handbook amendment on fitting tie bar rear end bushes for info


I believe that the central metal tube in the front tie rod bush is longer than the width of the tie rod and if the bush is fitted in the centre of the tie rod this will allow the tie rod to move slightly to the left and right. The one in James photo could not move both ways. I hope this makes sense.

PostPosted:Wed Apr 14, 2021 3:09 pm 
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Thank you for your replies Gents. Much appreciated.

The tie bar has been on the car sometime because I have never taken it out. It maybe the original, but I cant help but think that this has been replaced in the distant past with either an incorrect bush, or this bush wasn't put in correctly rather than it being due to a significant issue that would cause the one side to wear. Either way I will now be changing it and I have ordered Metalistik NOS originals.

I did read up on other people's experiences of the tie bars on the forum and whether they should be shorn in poly or standard rubber. With many suggesting rubber at the body end, and poly at the axle end, I opted for this. So the other tie bar that I have already fitted has this set up.

The axle cups and the chassis mountings are also in decent condition considering, with only surface rust on them, the same as the other side. They don't look as if they have ever been welded etc so I had assumed that they were good and therefore the surface rust could be treated etc.

Any additional views, comments or advice welcomed.

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