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Garage/workshop heating setup
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Author:  PeteH [Thu Mar 18, 2021 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Garage/workshop heating setup

Was tidying my PC's picture and music folders and came across this one from the inside of my last garage before we moved house 6 years ago. I installed it myself: the boiler is a kerosene-fired domestic Firebird 90, with room sealed burner, jetted for 22 KW output. The sealed hydronic pipework feeds a MARK Tanner MDA water-to-air heat exchanger with built in fan, rated at 20KW. This unit is actually built in Ireland at the MARK Eire BV facility near Macroom, Co. Cork, actually not too far from Firebird's boiler factory in Ballymakeera, Cork. The boiler also heats a single radiator in a partitioned off office. Controls wise, a dual zone timer fires the boiler and circulation pump only when it is just the office that requires heat, the other zoned output powers the Tanner's air circulation fan via a room stat in the garage and a pipe stat (to prevent the fan operating until the delivery pipework warms up - so as not to be blasted with cold air. Found the system to be very efficient and fast, even when the up'n'over door was opened and all the heat was lost, once the door was shut it warmed up in minutes. Very economical also. I found that an ambient temp of 10 - 15C was plenty when working in the garage, no need to tbe heating it to the same level as a domestic setting. Even an ambient setting of 5C was enough to prevent condensation. The plumbing was all in copper, with a pressure reduction manifold and expansion vessel, charged via a male BSP fitting with a 'Hozelock' type nipple from the garden tap via a temporary hose. 2 gallons of automotive antifreeze was filled via a funnel first - just in case the boiler or the frost stat failed. Also two pics from a similar installation I did for a friend's joinery workshop, he is a software engineer and he built a clever control system for the setup, including remote monitoring, using an Arduino microcontroller.

File comment:My old garage
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File comment:Joinery workshop boiler
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File comment:Joinery workshop warm air unit
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