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Sprint Engine Mounts
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Author:  RSi [Wed Aug 12, 2020 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sprint Engine Mounts

Sorry should have said for a Sprint . Just going through the new car and finding little bits that need attention . Most of the rubber bushes are perished so will need replacing . I wanted to get the car mobile for the rest of this year and then start the work over winter, but some jobs need doing now ! Engine mounts , gearbox mount, brake servo is u/s etc etc .

I would recommend Chris Witor's Superflex mounts. Not based on my personal experience, yet, but on the recommendation of a lot of other people. I'm sure others will comment, and put me right if i'm wrong. Definitely the engine mounts.

Think the Club will have the brake servo.

Any pics of your Sprint.

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